The Essential "To Go" Cup


Take you favorite blend 'to go' with this anodized aluminum cup that secretly serves as a compact water pipe. Does the world need this? Debatable, but you and your friends just might.

The precision-machined cup features a ribbed silicone sleeve and high-quality thick silicone cap which features a hidden compartment to house a ceramic bowl (for pure taste). The interior chamber is fully hidden from view and delivers a smooth, even pull when in service.

Holding the cup makes you feel like a covert agent. Those who know, know. Those who don't, won't. And if you're exposed, to hell with 'em.

  • Matte Anodized Black Aluminum
  • Durable Ceramic Bowl w/ Silicone 'Pull'
  • Watertight Silicone Li
  • Instantly Converts into Water Pipe
  • Integrated Filter/Chamber

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