2023 Gift Guide for the Cannabis Connoisseur in Your Life

When it comes to gifting the cannabis aficionado in your life, think sophisticated, not stoner. We’re talking sleek, useful, and design-focused accessories. The cannabis landscape today is richer than ever, with groundbreaking and intriguing products, each elevating the modern cannabis experience in different ways. So, whether it’s a seasoned friend or your canna-curious mother-in-law, here’s a list of the top 10 gifts that are sure to spark up some great conversations.

Ukiyohi’s M1 Dugout

M2 Dugout - The Luxe Smoking Kit – ukiyohi

Sure, a run of the mill dugout can get the job done, but why settle for utility alone? This minimalist wooden dugout and pipe set is a piece of art that sparks joy. It's the perfect blend of sophistication and function, making it an ideal gift for those with a more refined aesthetic. It’s available with different custom-crafted M1 Pipe options and optional personal engraving to make it the ultimate canna-keepsake. 

→ Find it at Ukiyohi.com

Session Goods Ashtray
Sessions Good - Glass Ashtray | MI VAPE CO

This thing is more than just a cool looking ashtray. It's a beautiful piece of minimalist modernism that also happens to be extremely functional. Not only will it keep your tip tidy, , but it also features a lid, a built-in bowl stand, two tapered rests for your joints and even a fire-retardant debowler. Now that's innovation with class. 

→ Find it at sessiongoods.com

Sackville x Sundae School Mochi Grinder

NTWRK - Sundae School x Sackville - Mochi Grinder

For the fashion loving friend, this is the perfect piece. Distinctive and stylish, this grinder-turned-necklace blends functionality with fashion. Shaped like Sundae School's mochi gummies, this silver grinder doubles as a chic necklace or a keychain—making it a literal piece of smoke-wear! It's the ideal gift for those who appreciate a blend of whimsy style and practicality within their cannabis accessories.

→ Find it at Sackville.co

Ukiyohi’s “D’Fuze” Candles

Organic "D'Fuze" Candle - Cypress + Gin – ukiyohi

Sometimes you don’t want your living room to smell during or after a sesh. This 100% organic soy wax candle infused with premium essential oils is designed to usher in calm while neutralizing the scents of cannabis, tobacco, and other smokables. It's not just a candle; it's a sophisticated solution to diffuse the funk, making it a great gift for those who appreciate their home smelling less like… skunk. 

→ Find it at Ukiyohi.com

Edie Parker’s Crush Cone

Buy Crushed Cones Edie Parker | Austin, TX | MARYJAE

These are the real deal when it comes to creative papers. Not only are they ornately patterned and colorful, but they taste great too. Flavors like peach, grape, and mint make these cones something special for anyone. 

→ Find it at edie-parker.com

Goldleaf CBD Journal

The CBD Jotter: A Cannabis Wellness Logbook | Goldleaf

Goldleaf’s elegantly designed journals are perfect for the mindful type. They offer a structured way to jot down experiences, preferences, and observations, enhancing the appreciation for cannabis’s intricate flavors and effects.

→ Find it at shopgoldleaf.com

Tetra’s Balance Pipe

Balance Pipe designed by Jamie Wolfond for Tetra

Artistry at its finest. This pipe allows you to display it on the coffee table as an interesting conversation piece, while also having some novel functionality. The glass pipe is made from incredibly high-quality borosilicate glass that doesn’t conduct heat—meaning the smoke produced is cooler and smoother.

→ Find it at shop-tetra.com

Oak & Earth Floating Blue Bong

Mahuta – Oak and Earth Creations

Who doesn’t love ceramic? This environmentally friendly bong is truly interesting and unique. This is made to compliment your home, and it shows. Plus, 5 trees are planted for every one sold!

→ Find it at oakandearthcreations.com

Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case Black - SWAGGER Magazine

The Apothecarry Case is a luxurious and secure storage solution for the discerning cannabis user. It’s designed to maintain the freshness and quality of cannabis products while serving as an elegant accessory in any living space. This thing is fully stacked with luxury organizational tools to keep everything looking and tasting fresh.

→ Find it at theapothecarrycase.com

Laundry Day’s Silo Grinder

Laundry Day | Sculptural Herb Grinder | Art & Design Focused Smoking  Accessories

You wouldn’t know what this is until you asked… and that’s the point! This ergonomic four-piece grinder made out of aluminum offers a sleek, discrete look. There’s even a magnetic closure to make sure everything is locked in tight. 

→ Find it at laundryday.co


BONUS GIFT (so exclusive it's not even for sale)...

Unauthorized Collabs by Ukiyohi

There's exclusive and then there's exclusive. These one-of-a-kind custom creations are not actually for sale - at least until the collabs are endorsed by artists and brands each celebrates. It's the Check out the growing collection of "Unauthorized Collabs" by Ukiyohi.

→ Find it at Ukiyohi.com 


Finding a unique and aesthetically pleasing gift for the cannabis connoisseur in your life is about understanding their appreciation for design, functionality, and the finer details of the cannabis experience. Whether it’s an elegant accessory or high-quality glassware each gift on this list offers a blend of style and substance, sure to delight the discerning cannabis enthusiast.

November 25, 2023

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